A Russian pilot flew a Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine: Kuzmin’s request

Russian official invites other pilots to go to Ukraine’s side.

The Russian pilot who flew the Mi-8 helicopter into Ukraine was named Maxim Kuzminov. He said he did so because he considered the war against Ukraine to be genocide and disapproved of the actions of his fellow citizens.

This is discussed in the documentary Movie “Downed Russian Pilots”.

Ukrainian intelligence conducted a successful special operation codenamed “Synytsia” during which a Russian pilot flew a Mi-8AMTSh helicopter into Ukraine.

The pilot’s name is Maksym Kuzminov and he is 28 years old. His military rank is Captain, he served as a helicopter commander in the 319th separate helicopter regiment of the military aviation of the occupying state – military unit 13984 with a permanent deployment point in Primorsky Krai, Russian Federation.

Kuzminov contacted Ukraine’s military intelligence and explained his situation. He was given security guarantees, monetary compensation and new documents. The special operation was classified, thanks to which he successfully flew and landed on the territory of Ukraine.

“I realized that I was near the border, that is, I gave my location. I flew at a very low altitude in radio silence mode. No one knew what happened to me. Apparently, for 3-4 days, no one understood what happened. I successfully flew and landed, said the Russian pilot. .

Russian Mi-8 helicopter deployed to Ukraine

The Russian official said he decided to surrender because he did not support the war against Ukraine and considered such actions to be genocide.

“What is happening now is simply the genocide of the Ukrainian people: Ukrainian and Russian. The basis of my action is not to hide from these crimes. I know very well how it will end: Ukraine will definitely win this war. The people are united. The whole world is helping because they understand that human life must be respected first. does.

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Kuzminov implores his colleagues to do the same.

“You won’t regret it. You will discover the world of colors for yourself. And remember: you don’t know much, you don’t see how other people live. When you discover something, you will change your opinion. Fundamentally,” he said.

It is worth recalling that GUR first showed the Russian pilot who stole the Mi-8 and flew to Ukraine.

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