Armed forces announced the details –

The invaders dig in in this direction and begin to form a line of fire.

The Russians changed their tactics Pakmut directionSome serious battles are taking place today.

about this said Roman Dashkevich is a press service officer of the 26th Artillery Corps Oleg Kalashnikov, Channel 24 transmits.

According to him, at Pakmut direction, the enemy cares more about equipment than infantry.

Recruits no longer go to training, but immediately go to the front. Specifically, directional offensive operations take place with minimal or no participation of equipment.

“A considerable number of Russian units are manned by mobilized personnel, who may not be trained in centers, but simply rush into the combat zone, rush into attacks, and are the first line of attack.” Kalashnikov said.

Now the aggressors have started to dig a pit and build a line of fire.

“The propaganda works for them, they are brainwashed. And they actually believe that it is better to die than to be caught.” – the news officer added.

In addition, the invaders began to use anti-aircraft guns more frequently. However, the invaders’ artillery did not work as they wished.

The occupiers fire 10,000 to 12,000 cannons a day, but Kalashnikov assures that this is not the number needed for serious attacks. That is why the enemy uses anti-aircraft missiles more actively, trying to inflict storm and fire damage.“, the official added.

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