Sttt m fighting misinformation. According to many experts, at least 150 million is needed

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Klma confirmed Dengue n. In the first half of the fifth year, there should be a law establishing conditions under which conspiracy sites can be blocked on the Internet. Thus, with the law in full force, the police collect little by little false information.

According to Sarwar, the document states that the draft law included in the Criminal Code a curtailment of domestic and disinformation aimed at deliberately damaging the democratic nature of the state and its vital security interests.

Experts recommend giving 50 million crowns a year to non-profit organizations dealing with the fight against misinformation. One hundred million kroner a year should be given to independent media to help in the fight against fake news. I consider the help of professional news and independent media to be very important in this area. Also, the copyright law was amended last year for the media, when these publishers asked Google for a pension, Tenga en Klama said. Govt should appoint more women experts on misinformation.

The document’s authors drew attention to the fact that even government agencies now advertise on certain websites labeled as disinformation. According to the Open Society Fund, for example, an ad appeared for a government agency called Czech Tourism. This practice should be controlled.

Imposing this business model and importing the dream from this business model that harms society should be an important part of the strategy of false threats, including completeness. A campaign against misinformation on social media should help.

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Czech Republic Fiala must have a non-animal hybrid wolf

In early December, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said during parliamentary intermissions that he must lead the unfriendly hybrid wolf state led by the disinformation media, but cannot introduce censorship. He pointed out that his cabinet was following hybrid threats as the documents taken on the matter by the previous government of Andrej Baby (ANO) and the circles stemming from them gradually filled up. According to the Prime Minister, the elite of the Czech Republic will have the first right to send information with false information and the first right to create a strategic communication system of the state.

In connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several disinformation websites were shut down in the country. Internet association CZ.NIC launched seven new websites at the end of May. Fiala said at the time, among other things, that the generally worded resolution called for the government to shut down disinformation websites, and that these servers were disabled by non-governmental organizations and businesses. However, according to him, it was clear that the blocked website was just a pedestrian.

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