Jake knows how much Zakorova takes. A wallflower? The boy drove

According to Holka, Prime Minister Petr Fiala declared national happiness on Thursday. “The stress is over. From the beginning we are all rich and there is national happiness from February 15. “The stress and all the inflation is gone because Petr Fiala organized another of his monster press conferences today (Thursday) and announced that the price hike is over,” explained Holec.

“Well, you know what Peter Fiala is like. Our prime minister has become a disinformation purveyor and he's singing,” Holec added, adding that Kubicek said Prime Minister Fiala was clearly happy about that.

“The ODS or the alliance can be seen to be worried, because earlier at least Petr Fiala shouted something, the nation opened its eyes and began to think about it, which would be exactly the opposite, but the ODS brought it, or rather close collaborators, “They started to come more often with some imagination, but at least some victory parade tasks, changes, economic well-being, correct numbers, but now there is a big silence. Also, I now feel sorry for Petr Fiala, because all the economic institutions reacted to it,” added Kubecek. Said, the Prime Minister is a “verbal pyrotechnician”.

According to Kubecek, every leader has had a counterweight in the past. “I'm impressed that everyone puts up with it, that no one brings up a topic like everyone else, and sometimes they don't offer some resistance. The sense that Peter Fiala is such a powerful genius that if someone speaks somewhere, “we'll tell you in the palm of your hand” straighteners immediately come and finish his politics. I don't. Career. I think it's not difficult again. And ODS is not yet in such a complete collapse… There, like Brezhnev, he stands behind the curtain in the middle of the fields, in a wagon, drinking and having fun. I don't know if they say to themselves: worry. “No, the moment will come and we'll take over. But something has to be taken,” Kubecek said.

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Holec said Petr Fiala lives in his parallel virtual world. “Since he so mischievously kicked Andrej Babiš that he was jealous of how well Petr Fiala is governing, with all that data a new STEM survey was published, which does not deal with the electoral preferences of the parties, but rather a qualitative analysis of people's feelings, satisfaction-dissatisfaction with politics and where the Czech Republic is going. . Also, there is a hierarchy of power from the mayors to the government and the president, and the Czech people appreciated that. Maybe they hid it from Prime Minister Fiala, because if he saw it … “Holek noted.

Comparison with Jakeš

Kubáček added his thesis that, according to him, Fiala was calling for help. “Even Milouš Jakeš was closer to reality than Petr Fiala, because he probably knew how much Hana Zagorová was taking,” noted Holec.

This is about President Peter Pavlov. “Petr Pavel still has a lot of support, huge, unique. But there is already a growing group of people who have a problem with him. In other words, those who have reached the point where they can't see him as their politician, perceive him very critically,” Kubesek said.

“It's been almost a year since that Figac took office in the castle. If things continue like this, I think we can finally thank Peter Paul for one thing. That is, those who live in the republican dream that the president is apolitical, some supernatural enigma, full of goodness, innocent, and untainted by politics. The President, the highest constitutional post, it could be someone, maybe somewhat tainted by politics, but a well-known and experienced person in politics,” he reflected. Both agreed that they hoped Powell would eventually run for office in the next election.

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Both men focused on how much it would cost to protect the president — for example, his motorcycle test ride in Spain. Also in Vito Rakušana events in the regions.

Migration Agreement

Another topic is the migration agreement. “It's actually something that interferes significantly with our sovereignty. Suddenly someone says we have to accept a certain number of immigrants. We don't have to physically accept them, we can redeem ourselves from that, but that's already a sovereign country — or a partially sovereign country — that we don't decide on immigration policy ourselves. That means. It's up to now,” Holek said. “Plus there's no upper limit anywhere, which is completely magical. It's a bill without an innkeeper's bill,” Kubecek noted.

“It annoys me that no one has noticed such an important document, has not implemented it, has not presented it, and there is no controversy about it. It was completely silent. I did not notice that at that time Vít Rakušan started a tour, he explained it somewhere, even went to Cologne. But the interest is zero. “The most important thing is that we all look sideways, and we all resolve our 'horrible fundamentals' approach,” Kubecek added.


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