Ukraine will receive weapons from America in the summer or later, news 1+1 —

In April, the US, Britain and several other countries announced large new arms packages to Ukraine.

Following the approval of a new US military aid program, Ukraine has already sent several emergency arms shipments, but subsequent shipments may be delayed.

He writes about it The New York Times.

According to the release, Ukraine received a batch of anti-tank weapons, rockets and much-needed 155mm artillery shells last Sunday. The second batch arrived on Monday. On Tuesday, new interceptor missiles for Patriot systems arrived in Poland from Spain. They will soon be on the Ukrainian front, a senior Spanish official said.

“Months may pass”

However, the publication’s author notes that it will be difficult for the United States and other NATO allies to keep up this momentum. “Weapons pledged by the United States, Great Britain and Germany — all of which have announced significant new military support in the past three weeks — could take months to arrive in large enough quantities to improve Ukraine’s battlefield security,” the NYT notes. For Western authorities.

Awesome terms

Top officials from the United States and other Western countries have agreed that artillery, anti-aircraft defenses and other munitions are Ukraine’s most urgent need. They are also among the fastest delivering weapons.

Combat vehicles, boats, complex guns, missile launchers and air defense systems are more complex and take longer to move – because of their size they often need to be transported by sea and rail under heavy security.

A U.S. official said most of the major weapons and some ammunition financed by the new U.S. aid could be delivered by the end of the summer — or even later.

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“Don’t run out of NATO units”

The U.S. official said it will take time to figure out what supplies can be transferred to Ukraine without reducing NATO units that use Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and Humvee armored personnel carriers. Other weapons, such as the 155-millimeter artillery shells Ukraine desperately needs, are in short supply around the world.

In addition, Ukrainian forces require training in the use of certain weapons before being transferred. For example, this applies to the third patriotic system, the transfer of which was announced by Germany in April.

The new patriotic system is expected to arrive in Ukraine before the end of June. Its delivery may coincide with the delivery of another major weapons system that Ukraine has long sought: F-16 fighter jets.

Let’s remindAfter the US renews military aid to Ukraine, the question arises how quickly the promised arms will be delivered to Ukraine and what share of the allocated $61 billion aid will actually “settle” in the US itself.

Previous experience, if we consider the time from announcing the decision on the actual appearance of this weapon in the armed forces in 2022-2023, the results turned out to be unexpected, and we should not talk about “a few days or”. even hours”, writes Defense Express with a note, according to data from the Western analysis center CSIS. See link for details.

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