Innocent! Honica Hranic, the start was postponed, a bang, get back on the train quickly.

And like pbhy back extraliga hzenk, chout of the heart, the game will go to work.

The train is comfortable, easy to get around, we are used to it. And let’s pick him for financial reasons, Radim Pro lit the ball at 24:36.

Only the scars of his darkness burned. It left before nine in the morning, but already the train from Olomouc to Prague took a long time. We do not take. The connection to Lovosice was a matter of minutes. We gave, let him deserve us, and they said no. In the end, even this train was four hours late, and Pro rolled his eyes as we watched.

So Cement Hranise took the next train, a private one, it got off at Lovosis at two o’clock and at 3:22 p.m., it was at Chemik Hall at 3:35 p.m., which took only ten minutes to arrive. there. They allowed the home team to delay the throw-in for 20 minutes.

After all the difficulties, we started the journey, although there was not much time to start, coach Hranik said.

It probably showed. The Predators quickly scored eight goals, quickly took a 12:5 lead, and Hranice’s fate was sealed. The first stop was decided, we were fresh, we didn’t give away about 68 points in the first quarter of an hour, then the competition heated up, Bro.

Domestic coach Roman Zelnek said: I don’t think they were tough from the train. They broke the target in the water. Otherwise, we knew what to do, and we followed through. I’m glad we dominated the whole time.

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After the match with Hranice, Lovosit hzenki showed their desire for the third place in the extra league.

Even without the large number of loop trains, Hranis wouldn’t have been able to prove Lovcm elite, they’re foreign anyway, and they’re aunt from the end. But when we got there, two hours later when Hranice came to us. We were good to them, we made a mistake, then we drew, Jelnek laughed, his Lovosis fourth place.

I remember driving like a pro hr. That’s when the hunter was hit by a train. “We had those adventures on the railroad,” coach Hranik said.

Sunday’s game ended in a stalemate, and at 5:35 p.m., the visiting players quickly rushed onto the field, one of them and the coach speaking to the press. Only two people in the house answered, so the conference was shortened to two minutes, which was very slow. The reason? At 17:59, the Hranic train headed home…

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