A patient from the Kyiv region who underwent a simultaneous heart and lung transplant died

A patient who underwent a simultaneous lung and heart transplant died last week. The woman’s donor organs were severely rejected. about this reported On Facebook of the First Medical Society of Lviv.

“We inform you that a heart lung transplant patient has unfortunately passed away last week.

Despite all the efforts of the medical staff and a successful operation, she could not be saved: the donor’s organs were severely rejected,” the post said.

The patient’s condition deteriorated rapidly on the second day after transplantation.

Doctors tried to revive the woman. She was connected to ECMO, a device that replaces the work of her heart and lungs. But at such an early stage, it is almost impossible to overcome severe rejection of two organs at the same time, writes the medical association.

Resuscitation measures did not bring the desired result, the girl died.

On the night of October 24-25, the first heart-lung transplant in Ukraine took place in Lviv. Nina, a 38-year-old from the Kiev region, received an organ transplant. She had a congenital heart defect. The woman waited 15 years for a transplant, 9 months of which were in India.

Only 20-25 surgeries are performed per year in the world.

Yulia Sergeeva“Evening Kiev”

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