Hello, this is Danushe Nerutova. Objective: Final and “Peace Speech”

14.05.2024 17:29 | monitoring

Danuše Nerudová, the candidate of the STAN movement in the elections to the European Parliament, mocks Kateřina Konečná, the leader of the KSČM, in a recent election location. At the same time, he is considering filing a lawsuit over Neruda’s statements that communists are scoundrels and criminals. “After this phone call, I’m curious whether Mrs. Gonegna will start peace talks with me or threaten another lawsuit,” Nerutova added to the controversy.

Hello, this is Danushe Nerutova.  Objective: Final and

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Description: Danus Nerutova takes stock with Katerina Konegna as part of the campaign ahead of the European elections.

The exchange of views between Danuša Nerudová and Kateřina Konečná began after the mayor of Řeporyj, Pavel Novotný, declared that communists were scoundrels and criminals. Communist leader Konegna opposed this, and Nerutova announced on the X social network that she agreed with Novotny in this view of the Communists.

Konečná later said in an interview to Echo24 that she was considering a lawsuit.. “I am considering a case. As the head of the Communist Party of the Czech Republic, I am responsible for more than eighteen thousand of our members who were victims. Mrs. Nerud insulted us. I have a duty to stand up for her as president,” said the MEP, as the carousel of mutual accusations began.

“Communist Konegna wants to sue me for calling communists criminals. “I consider it an honor when, 34 years after the end of the Velvet Revolution, our country acknowledges the same statement through law and through a resolution of the House of Representatives,” replied Nerudova.

“Ms. Nerutova, I understand that you don’t know much about it, but KSČM is a political party duly registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is even headed by the leader of the party you are running against. Therefore, it meets all the requirements for the constitutional order and the legal framework of our country. Your To describe all its members as criminals and scoundrels, as friend Pavel Novotny did, is a pity worthy of your status,” Konegna dug into himself.

On Tuesday, Nerutova prepared the final blow as part of the campaign, when she filmed a fictional phone conversation with Konegna on the “Holyline for Eurosceptics.”

“Beautiful day, what can I do for you? Hello, Katerina, looking all red?” Nerudova plays in the clip to a helpline worker.

“Well, that’s too bad, I understand, I understand that you’re upset. They call you pro-Russian when you want peace? Of course, what an injustice,” Nerudova continues in her performance, wearing headphones emblazoned with the European Union logo.

Nerutova gradually satirically commented on some well-known comments of the leader of the KSČM. “Yes, you don’t want to help Ukraine in its fight against the Russian aggressor. Is that enough? But MEP,” Nerutova is in character.

“Do you think signing peace initiatives from China is the solution? And do you think it will help? Putin will pack up his forces and pull out of Ukraine?” asks the candidate of the STAN movement ironically.

“Come on, I think that’s enough. I’m afraid I can’t help you. Try the hotline with a different area code,” added Nerutova, listing the area codes for phone calls to Russia and China.

In the post, he once again dug into the pending case against him. “After this phone call, I’m curious whether Mrs. Konegna will open peace talks with me or threaten another lawsuit,” Nerutova shot back.

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Author: Jakub Makarovich

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