Gymnasium Na Vítezné plani, Budějovická, Modřany. How many points are required for admission?

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Entrance exams for secondary schools and multi-year gymnasiums are approaching. A big fight is expected this year, as the number of applicants is many times greater than the number of admissions to the school. This is confirmed by access to the gymnasium.

A combined entrance exam will be conducted for students this year. One in mathematics and the other in Czech language and literature. Maximum marks for each section is one hundred and fifty. Minimum threshold for admission is not set centrally, schools set it as part of admission criteria.

What is new this year is that students can add up to three applications for matriculation subjects, excluding subjects with aptitude test. In the application form, students have to choose the stream in which they want to attend the school.

“This ranking is important in determining which school or major you will be accepted into. If you are 'in the million' in more than one field, you will automatically be admitted to the first marked field. You will no longer be admitted to the rest of the branches in a given round. If you do not get into your first major, but do your second, you will be accepted into your second. ,” he reports. Internet

79 points out of 100

If the student is successful in multiple schools, the order cannot be changed. He will be accepted only to the school he originally applied for.

We were interested in how many applicants individual schools had and how many students they would accept. However, some schools do not want to disclose information to avoid causing unnecessary distress to children.

Interest is especially huge for prestigious gymnasium and multi-year courses.

“The number of points required to admit an applicant to our school is slightly different every year, it depends on the number and composition of applicants. Last year, 76 points out of 100 were needed to get into the 6-year bilingual Czech-Spanish course, and 79 out of 100 for the 8-year general course,” says the director of Gymnasia Budijovica. said Stenga Bednanova, Director of Gymnasia Budijovica. .

Budijovica Gymnasium. Author of the book: Gymnasium Budějovická, with permission

According to the director, 1,193 applications were received this year. Out of 501 applicants, 32 children will be admitted to the six-year course. Out of 692 applicants, 60 children will be admitted to the eight-year course.

“The applications are a third more than last year, which we expected, because applicants can submit three applications for studies instead of two last year,” confirms Bednarova.

26 students need a place

Gymnasium Na Vítezné plani expresses great interest. However, even there, they are referring to higher numbers due to the new system, Martin Horina, deputy director, explained to us.

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The number of applications registered is 1,478. Exactly 258 of them went to the four-year gymnasium, 782 to the extended German and 438 to the six-year course with the extended French. Classes are open to four to thirty children each. Two four-year degrees and two six-year degrees.

There are more than twenty-six applicants for a place on the bench of the six-year course with extended German.

Even in this case, the admission limit may be more than one hundred and eighty points.

Gymnasium na Jatlans

“In the current admission procedure, the number of points required for admission has not been determined. Accepted applicants will be formed in a tipsy manner according to the total points obtained in the admission procedure for our school (the amount is not yet known),” said director Zhitka Khmentova on behalf of Gymnasium na Zadlans.

386 students applied for the four-year VIA study program, of whom 90 will be accepted, and 179 students, of whom 56 will be accepted for the ALT program.

“Overall, the number of applications shows that there is a lot of interest in grammar school education in Prague,” added director Kmentová.

Gymnasium na Jatlans. Author of the book:

Gymnázium Nad Kavalírkou shared numbers. “According to the published criteria, we do not have minimum points for admission, so it depends on the queue of applicants. We accept 60 new principals and register more than 600 valid applications in TIPS. Last year, we registered almost 460 applications, that is, this increase is more than half, which is definitely three Related to the possibility of choosing schools,” Deputy Director Jozef Riszica told

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Great interest according to Zermat

“In the last three years, the interest has been high, the number of accepted students has exceeded the potential,” Modřany Classical Gymnasium added.

Sermat also informed us of certain numbers of registered users.

“Based on the skills offered, the number of applications submitted in the first round can be used to estimate the excess demand for four-year grammar schools, showing the difference between the number of applicants for whom a grammar school is their first choice. And the total number of places at these grammar schools is approximately 2,900 places. A multi-year in a specialist category There are gymnasiums, applicants apply as early as the 5th and 7th years of elementary school. Of the multi-year high schools, the most interest is in the eight-year high schools, where nearly 20,000 applicants apply in the first round, half of which are successful based on overall ability. Approximately 8,000 applicants for the six-year gymnasium. have applied, and there are less than 2,500 spots available. Said.

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