The woman ignored her bank's warning and sent more than a million to fake brokers

According to an interviewer from Gina, a woman clicked on a link on social media that promised to increase pensions under the imminent death of President Peter Powell.

After clicking on the link, a woman contacted the victim who introduced her to an investment company and ordered an initial payment of six thousand crowns to be sent, describing the arrest of one of several internet scams, according to the police, Martina Jandov.

The woman was later contacted by the company's errant representative, who convinced her to better assess her disputes. So he sent Jet 70,000 crowns and agreed with the broker that they would communicate through phone and WhatsApp app.

Panga Enu Varovala

After sending this message, the scammed woman was contacted at the bank and told that it was a suspicious transaction. That's why she contacted the scam broker once again and took all his money.

The scammer should send a return message and help you install the Anydesk Remote Access program. As the pension was still not returned, she had to approach him at his home and he approved several financial transactions at the door. She transferred money from one place to another, and to stop it she had to pay 800,000 crowns, which may have been recommended by the broker, Jantov described.

In total, the woman drank about 1.2 million crowns this way. The police officer is investigating a case of fraud, unauthorized payment, forgery and alteration of payment method and unauthorized access to security system and unauthorized access to security system or carrying of information. The accused faces up to eight years in prison.

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