F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine: Belgian officials say when the planes will be handed over to the armed forces

The exchange will be at the expense of revenues from Russian frozen assets.

They said they would hand it over to Belgium Ukraine F-16 fighter jets were already in 2024, but exact dates were not named.

This was announced at a meeting co-chaired by Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croux and Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Tedonder. BRF.

The defense minister of Belgium said that he wants to hand over the planes for the defense of Ukraine as soon as possible. In Brussels, they are doing everything possible to ensure that the aircraft will be delivered this year.

Also, the minister stressed that the transfer of F-16s to Ukraine will not affect Belgium's defense capabilities in any way.

Instead, the head of the Belgian government said the replacement of the planes would be financed by the proceeds of frozen Russian assets and not by Belgian taxpayers.

We will remind, earlier it was announced Ukrainian pilots begin F-16 training in France.

Also, we have reported this earlier It is known when the first F-16s with pilots will appear in Ukraine.

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