Bottom left: Babis believes he doesn’t need debates. Didn’t he exaggerate himself?

How will presidential candidates spend the last week before the election? During the debates, Nerudova and Pavel, Babis in court, will hear the judgment of the Sparrow’s Nest case. Unexpectedly, Jarosław Basta rose, whose SPD led a frontal assault on its electorate.

According to sociologists, pasta has a chance to take some percentage from Andrej Babis. And if the fight for a place in the second round between the main three is even, it could play a crucial role.

“I’m a little surprised. I thought seventy-four-year-old jaded pasta wouldn’t appeal to people. But SPD voters are simply decent – and if Tomio Okamura commands, they go,” says Vaclav Dolejszy.

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Andrej Babiš’s group has rejected one debate after another, with the SPD launching a frontal attack and vowing to sack Petr Fiala’s government. In the end, he will go only last – Thursday on Noah. But is it a good strategy not to enter the Blesk debate, for example, running articles for two days saying “Babiš deceived the readers”?

“Andrej Babis is afraid to go to the debates and he believes in the fact that everyone knows him, so he doesn’t need to appear on television. But he needs to win over voters other than his regular ones. And can’t watch all week? I don’t know if he’s overdoing himself a little bit, ” thinks Lucy Stuchlikova.

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