A dead child was found in a house in Lunskie, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning

Her colleagues and firefighters intervened at a home in Lunsk on Monday, where they found the dead child, police spokeswoman Ilona Kastosova said.

“There was probably carbon monoxide poisoning,” a spokesman told Novinka on Tuesday, adding that the case was continuing and that investigators would seek expert opinions.

Poisoning was indicated by increased values ​​of poison gas measured by firefighters on site.

They heated the apartment with candles and a grill and poisoned it with carbon monoxide.


An ambulance also responded to the home, and its spokesman, Prokop Volenic, said paramedics found a toddler without signs of life.

Neither the police nor the ambulance disclosed the circumstances of the case and the survivors, which village it was and the age or gender of the child.

Firefighters record many such incidents every year, which end tragically. They last dealt with a mass poisoning last week in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, where they found a mother and two daughters unconscious. One child did not survive the poisoning.

Tragedy in Dvůr Králové: gas poisoning, mother and sibling unconscious, child does not survive


Carbon monoxide is produced during incomplete combustion, and the most common cause of its leakage in homes is seals on gas boilers. However, poisoning can easily occur if the flue gas from the heater is not properly vented or the chimney is blocked. Firefighters therefore encourage regular inspections and repairs of heaters, water heaters and gas boilers.

Four people, including two children, suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning in Opava


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