Shoigu will become a “holy sacrifice”: Zelensky predicted the fate of the minister

As Podolyak explained, due to repressions, “foreign agents”, resistance or dissidents first go to the Russian Federation, and then they necessarily begin to “swallow” their own.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is a completely hopeless person, no one needs him, he will surely be made a “holy sacrifice”.

Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, expressed this opinion. “24 Channels”Shoigu comments on whether his partner will be “next” after being detained.

Podoliak said Shoigu nominally managed the Ministry of Defense a year or so ago – PVK “Wagner” Evgeny Prigozhin's life before the “spectacular finale” moment of his career.

“Others are in charge, not only that. There is also Ruslan Saliko – another of his deputies, who will be arrested. It seems to me that Mykola Patrushev is already in charge,” said the advisor to the OP leader.

He noted that it is the most reactionary, negative group that creates this “horrific” image of Russia, and it will lead to the imminent destruction of the Russian Federation.

This condition does not exist in this form. Now I'm not talking about geographic parameters, but operational parameters, etc.,” Podoliak noted.

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“It seems to me that Shoigu is a completely hopeless person, and nobody needs him, I think they are It should be performed as a “holy sacrifice”. Not only him. Oppression is constant. This has happened many times in Russian history. “Foreign agents”, protestors or dissidents first leave because of repressions, then they necessarily begin to “devour themselves”, explained the consultant to the head of the OP.

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He said that resources and ability to survive will decrease and the desire to control everything will become more and more intense.

“It's not that Putin controls anything, he doesn't consciously understand anything. And it seems to me that Politburo 2.0 is managed differently. It will gradually become clear, Getting rid of outsiders like Shoigu,” Podoliak believes.

Let's remind the day before it became known that the Russian detective arrested Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivano on suspicion of receiving bribes.

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