Destroyed blocks of Burshtynska and Ladyzhynska TPP –

As a result of a large enemy attack on March 22, all power units at Burst Thermal Power Station (Ivano-Frankivsk Region) and Ledygin Thermal Power Station (Vinnytsia Region) were destroyed.

Consequences of shelling of Burshtyn TPP
Consequences of shelling of Burshtyn TPP

About it in the interview Economic reality said Managing Director of DTEK Dmytro Sakharuk.

“On March 22, the biggest shelling took place since the beginning of the war. There was a lot of destruction in the energy sector, first of all, generation was affected. We lost 50% of the installed capacity. Two of our stations were damaged: “Burshtinska” and “Ladyzinska,” Saharuk said.

A representative of DTEK stressed that all power units at the stations have been affected. They are in varying degrees of destruction: from complete to 50%.

He informed that Kurakiv DPP (Donetsk region) was heavily damaged by shelling by anti-aircraft missiles and is currently non-functional.

“Usually, there is a very bad disaster in the country and it doesn't even take months to restore. Maybe one or two units will start working earlier, but usually it will take 6, 12, 24 months or more. We will restore gradually. After the outage, which will have enough equipment. It becomes clear that no. Transformers are in great demand now. We need about ten units,” Saharukh said.

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According to him, the company now has some stock of equipment but has nowhere to put it due to the extensive destruction. In some cases, you need to create modules from scratch.

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“Everything has been removed from the units that have not worked for a long time, so now we have to look for used units somewhere in Europe or buy new ones. If we talk about the main list of equipment that we need after the initial shortage. These are generators, steam turbines, control systems, transformers. Part of this equipment is in Ukraine. can be ordered, the rest will have to be sought abroad,” explained the managing director of DTEK.

It is worth recalling that on the morning of March 22, Russian troops launched the largest attack on Ukrainian forces since the beginning of the war. as reported Ukraine's Energy Minister Herman Kalushchenko said the Russians wanted to organize a total blackout in Ukraine.

Attacks on the dtek energy system are missile terrorism of the Energy Front of the Russian Federation

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