The Finance Ministry has launched a dashboard to analyze the salaries of government employees

The Finance Ministry has launched a dashboard to analyze the salaries of government employees


Julia Polikowska

“Salary Dashboard” is updated monthly.

The Ministry of Finance has developed an analytical tool for salary and headcount of state bodies, local state administrations and judicial authorities in January 2024. The “dashboard” will be updated every month, the press service said Ministry of Finance.

The new tool allows you to track average salaries by job level: management, department heads, hospitality workers, laborers, specialists, service workers, etc.

“This tool allows you to see the average salary of employees in state organizations at the level of positions, because the main task of the Ministry of Finance is to ensure the efficiency of the use of state budget funds, to pay civil servants. More transparent and fair, mitigate the trend of turnover and exit of civil servants and the role of the state as an employer. strengthen”– Deputy Minister of Finance Roman Yermolychev explained.

It was also informed that the acquisition of data from managers of budget funds in the Ministry of Finance was automated using the Automated Information System “GRK-VEB” earlier this year. Specifically, it refers to obtaining data on actual labor costs for a thorough and comprehensive analysis.

We would like to remind you that last year the National Bank of Ukraine launched a free online platform “OK”, thanks to which Ukrainians can acquire sufficient financial knowledge to make responsible decisions regarding personal finances.

Photo: “Salary Dashboard” / Ministry of Finance

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