Blinken: “We will definitely be there” once Russia shows a real willingness to negotiate

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the West, with its support for Ukraine, was sending a message to Vladimir Putin that he understood he had a “genuine desire” to hold peace talks on ground rules to end the war. Principles of international law are essential.

About this Blinken said In a conversation with World Economic Forum President Berg Brende in Saudi Arabia, the “European reality” reports.

The Secretary of State noted that, in his opinion, the outcome of the war now largely depends on Putin and what he decides.

At this point, according to Blinken, Putin believed time was on his side, which is why the approval of $61 billion in US aid to Ukraine became so important. “This is a practical and psychological boost to Ukrainians who have survived a difficult nine months or so, as well as a clear demonstration that support is there and will continue,” the State Department head said.


As he added, Ukraine's partners are doing many things now, “which is a demonstration that we support Ukraine to stay strong for a long time and to stand firmly on its feet militarily, economically and democratically.”

“I hope that Putin will understand this message and demonstrate that he is ready for honest negotiations based on the international community and the basic principles of the UN Charter: sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. A resolution,” Blinken said.

The diplomat stressed that the United States would support Russia if it demonstrated a “genuine desire” for a peace effort.

“Look, once Russia proves that it really wants to negotiate, we certainly will, and I believe the Ukrainians will,” the state secretary noted.

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Let's recall in Switzerland June 15 and 16 A two-day high-level conference on conflict resolution in Ukraine will be held – the Inaugural Peace Summit.

Russia has already said will not participate In negotiations.

President Zelensky said the details of the peace plan were drawn up in Switzerland Some “continental representatives” would hand over to the Russian Federation.

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