A cross beam fell on the man, prompting witnesses to begin CPR under the phone direction of an EMS operator.


All emergency services are at the scene, including the LZS helicopter

Just before three-thirty this afternoon, a cross beam fell on a person in the hall at Hline Újezd ​​in Horaciovic. It was reported from the scene that he had collapsed and that he was seriously injured, so all emergency services went to the crash and the Air Rescue Service's helicopter was also called.

“The operator of the rescue service's medical operations center received a report of a person who had fallen and was crushed by a cross. During the call, he performed emergency resuscitation with the caller over the phone until rescue personnel arrived on the scene.” A spokesman for rescuers explained.

Firefighters from four divisions assisted the rescuers in rescuing the injured and transferring him to transport.

“A man, born in 1950, suffered such serious injuries that he was secured on the spot and taken unconscious and ventilated to Lochod's Emergency Faculty Hospital,” A spokesman for the rescue team said.

The circumstances of the incident are currently being investigated by the police. “A man born in 1950 was handling an iron bar in a former agricultural building. The man slipped and the cross bar fell on him. His injuries made it impossible for him to take a breath test, so a blood sample will be ordered. The exact cause and all the circumstances of the incident are being handled by Klato police. The police spokesperson added.


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