A handling fee. This is how a bribe to allocate a city apartment in Brno must have been handled

In the autumn of 2022, Brno was hit by a police raid led by the High Prosecutor’s Office in Olomouc, after which several people, led by Bradáč, were charged. According to the prosecutors, he was supposed to be the head of the committee that could influence the allocation of city apartments for the corresponding financial gratitude.

“I couldn’t influence anything even though I was blamed. I didn’t accept any commissions, bribes or gifts,” Braddock told the Brno Municipal Court last week, which was hearing a case involving one of the segregated apartments where, according to the indictment, police major Jiri Vilek had to pay a bribe.

That sum flowed from the situation

Zdenek Cervinka

According to prosecutors, the funds must have flowed through the real estate office of Braddock’s acquaintance Zdeňko Červinka. “Sometimes Mr. Cervinga asked me for support for some candidates, but I did not accept any funding for it. My support was in the fact that, as a member of the commission, I supported the applicant with my vote, just as every member of the commission had the opportunity to vote for this or that candidate,” Braddock emphasized.

The main case is awaiting indictment

Eva Vágnerová, who worked in Červink’s real estate office, was accused in the housing case. “Mr. Cervinga, along with Mr. Braddock, was able to get the applicant into the apartment for financial compensation. I don’t know what proportion they shared. Braddock settled everything with Cervinga,” he testified.

They overturned his case in a case involving flats, but he ended up politically


Although state prosecutor Petra Lastovecka has yet to file an indictment on the main charges, in secondary branches of the case she has already struck a plea deal with two people who were allegedly bribed to reserve an apartment. The case of police officer Vlček is another similar case. But Vlček unequivocally denies the crime.

He comes alive when he takes a five hundred sniff

A key piece of evidence from the Brno housing case was wiretapping, in which detectives intercepted the suspect’s communications. In this way, among other things, they listened to Braddock’s rumors about life with one of the intermediaries, and then they entered into a resolution on the initiation of a criminal case.

“The fact that Braddock takes all his actions only to receive a bribe is explained by his telephone conversation with a middleman, this middleman asks if Braddock is alive, and Braddock answers him that he is not alive. For a long time, they live only when they see money in front of them. Then he comes to life, otherwise he “sleeps,” the detectives wrote in the indictment, “but as soon as the middleman sprinkles him with fifty crowns or five hundred in front of Braddock, he comes to life.”

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“From the above, it is absolutely clear that the activities of this organized crime group are solely aimed at obtaining financial gain through bribery,” they added.

A police major in Brno must bribe his daughter to get a city apartment. Faces a humiliating dismissal


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