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Cut-off schedules may be used if certain amounts exceed consumption limits.

Starting tomorrow, May 21, 00:00, hourly blackout schedules will be in effect for industrial and residential consumers throughout Ukraine.

This is reported “Ukrainergo”.

Cut-off schedules may be used if certain amounts exceed consumption limits. “Ukrenergo” Control Center has already communicated these limits to each regional energy company.

“Information about when power outages will be used correctly in your region can be found at the Consumer Office, oblenergo’s official websites and their pages on social networks,” the message says.

“Ukrenergo” reminds that the main reason for the use of control measures is the consequences of enemy missile attacks on Ukrainian power plants. From March 22 to May 8, the Russians deliberately attacked all major thermal and hydroelectric plants five times. Due to the extensive damage, they were unable to produce as much electricity as they had before the attacks began.

Earlier, Yuri Korolchuk, an expert at the Energy Research Institute, said whether there will be a blackout in the summer and what to expect in the winter.

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