Speculation about Bradakova’s promotion. Minister Blasek and prominent prosecutors remain silent

On Monday, Supreme Prosecutor Igor Steris, Justice Minister Pavel Blasek (ODS) and Prague Chief Prosecutor Lenka Bradakova declined to comment on speculation that Steris would soon be replaced by Bradakova. An amendment to the law on the public prosecutor’s office limits Starr’s term to the summer of 2028. From July, when the amendment comes into force, the government will only be able to dismiss the chief prosecutor for certain specific reasons, for example, a serious breach of duty.

“The attorney general does not comment in advance on any personnel plans, including his own person,” Peter Mali, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, said when asked if Staris was considering resigning before the amendment takes effect. Plasek also said employees don’t comment on issues in advance. “I have never commented on speculation and have no reason to do so now,” Bradakova wrote.

This amendment significantly reduces the possibility of recalling the Supreme Court. Newly, he can be removed only for grave breach of duty committed, fundamental threat to confidence in the proper functioning of the public prosecutor’s office or fundamental threat to the seriousness and dignity of the office.

The new form of law also simultaneously introduces time-limited terms of office for lead prosecutors. In the interim rules, Stříž will manage the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office from July 2021, with the current chief prosecutor’s term ending seven years from the date of his inauguration. According to the same rules, Bradakova’s tenure as head of the Prague Prosecutor’s Office. The office will end at the end of next year.

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Prime Minister Petar Fiala’s (ODS) cabinet has not yet officially considered a possible replacement for the post of Supreme Prosecutor, and Blažek has not submitted any plans in this regard. According to the law, the Supreme Prosecutor is appointed by the government, precisely on the proposal of the Minister of Justice. The Chief Advocate may resign his office by giving notice in writing to the Minister. His tenure will expire at the end of the next calendar month.

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