A club blow on Majáles broke the nets. Police are investigating the incident

People in the Czech Republic shared it widely on social networks on Monday scenes A police heavy-duty officer on horseback struck a man in the head with a baton after a police intervention at the Majles festival in Prague on Saturday. Many followers were angered by this practice.

In the video, a policeman is seen riding a horse towards people. Screams of profanity are heard. A man recorded the heavy worker on his mobile phone, after which the policeman beat him with a baton.

“For a cane on the head? No challenge? I'm not surprised that no normal person wants to go to these sections. They really are a bunch of brainless people.” He was saddened One of the X Network users commented on the video, instead, supporting the lawyer's actions.

Police for criticism she replied He promised that the policeman's conduct would be investigated.

“The police officer's actions are already being investigated by the Internal Control Department, which, among other things, deals with situations where people are pulling the horse's reins that are not captured on video. We are also evaluating the adequacy of the use of force,” the police said.

Police intervened in Majles after a section of the event's audience rioted against organizers' reluctance to return deposits for drink cups. The operators ran out of money and could not return the advance.

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