Bekarov Adamov spoke with a Taiwanese diplomat who wants to visit the island

Taiwan was visited in 2020 by Sentu President Milo Vystril. Last year, a delegation of senators and ministries visited this Asian country. nsk party protests against this nvtvm. The Chinese party’s protests were also fueled by newly elected President R. Peter Paul’s phone call with Taiwan President Tsai Jing-wen on Monday.

According to Chinese diplomacy, Pavel has backtracked on his words during the election campaign that it was necessary to respect the principle of unity, according to Beijing. In response, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) announced that as a sovereign state, the Czech Republic decides for itself who to invite and whom to meet.

I assured the Minister (Joseph Wu) that the proper support of a partner that respects human rights and respects the principles of liberal democracy is one of the priorities of parliamentary diplomacy. I am very happy that after many years of mutual incoherence, everyone can be a builder together again, Pekarov Adamov said on the phone.

The speaker of the House of Representatives told Czech radio that he intends to hold meetings with the newly elected president during evening meetings of high-level officials during his trip. She didn’t want to say whether or not she had it in her mind to call Pavel to work, because that was too important information.

In a phone call on Monday, newly elected President Pavel assured the Taiwanese president that Taiwan and the Czech Republic share the values ​​of freedom, democracy and human rights and strengthen their partnership accordingly. Thank you for congratulating him on his victory in the presidential election at the weekend.

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nsk diplomacy condemned the phone call. A spokesman for Mao Ning’s diplomacy said he sought external agreement on his internal affairs. He views democratic Taiwan as his weak point and the threat of military intervention if it gains independence.

I did not call the Taiwanese president to upset someone, Pavel said in an interview with Frekvénija 1 on Tuesday. He pointed out that the Czech Republic shared strong business ties and values ​​with Taiwan, and he saw no reason to bleed. According to him, this did not mean anything hostile on the part of the Czechs, but only a strong demand for Czech sovereignty and national rights.

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