Blackout in Ukraine 2024 – schedules will be introduced in all regions and what will be the electricity tariff

For the first time during the full-scale war, Russia launched a missile attack on the Dnipro HPP. The breach of the dam would lead to disastrous consequences and flood a large area, but this did not stop the enemy. The Russian occupiers also launched massive attacks on the power structure Odessa, Kharkiv, Krivi Rih and many other settlements.

In Kharkiv, the Russians destroyed CHP-5, which supplied the city. The situation in Odessa is also difficult.

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“The power system has survived, even though the enemy tried to break it since March 22,” energy expert Mykhailo Konzar tells OBOZ.UA. A few weeks ago, energy experts and representatives of the Ministry of Energy reported how they managed to get through the entire winter without restrictions on current consumption. The recent shelling has changed the situation drastically. While electrical engineers are looking for opportunities to restore Kharkiv's energy consumption, the situation is also difficult in Odessa.

“The situation in Kharkiv is complicated by the destruction of DPP-5. This DPP was destroyed and there is no talk of its restoration. This is not the first time it has been attacked, suffice it to say. The first powerful blow to CHPP-5 occurred on September 11, 2022. An act of terrorism on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the United States,” says Gonchar.

A few days ago, the TPP-5's news service agency released a statement saying it had suffered the greatest destruction during a full-scale war. Kharkiv receives electricity from other regions, while it will take years to restore the CHP.

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“Retrofitting of a thermal power plant involves making specialized equipment for power units, especially turbines, generators, etc. Assistance in providing production and equipment during full financing of works The reconstruction process will last more than a year,” said Oleksandr Minkovich, CEO of Kharkiv TPP-5 PJSC.

The situation in Odessa is not so complicated, but it also needs new solutions. “Obviously, the operator Ukrenergo Kharkiv will have time to solve the electricity problem. One way or another, Kharkiv is under attack from the Russian Federation,” says Gonchar.

Roman Nitsovych, Research Director of the DixiGroup Analytical Center, adds in a comment to OBOZ.UA: There is currently no threat to the energy system. “Exports have been stopped for obvious reasons. There are some consequences, but catastrophic circumstances or what the aggressor had planned did not happen.”He explained.

The expert also singles out the difficult situation in Kharkiv. CHP-5 will not work for at least several years (if it can be restored). The city is threatened by energy isolation. Now energy companies have to look for new energy options, releasing resources from other regions.

“Ukraine's energy system operates without a margin of safety,” explains former Energy Minister Ivan Blachkov to OBOZ.UA. If the previous Ukraine was able to quickly release the resource and compensate for the loss of power, now the situation is more complicated.

The balance of the energy system during a full-scale war is not published, so it is very difficult for experts to assess the possible chances of overcoming the next peak period of consumption – in the summer. Nitsovich firmly believes that everything depends on the next attacks of the Russian Federation.

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Experts agree: Now it is very important to join forces to strengthen air defense. Air defense systems must protect critical assets.

“There is no need to panic. Consumption will increase in the summer. Today we are working with the European Energy System. We are getting technical assistance. The main thing is to protect the integrity of the network, the distribution networks. And everything. It depends on what the impacts will be on the energy system,” Blachkov says.

Another problem: In summer, some units of nuclear power plants are shut down for repairs. Then they have to use hydro and thermal energy more intensively. The last step to the largest hydroelectric power station – DniproHES Significantly reduced the possibility of compensating for a temporary reduction in nuclear power generation.

“Now we notice a decrease in energy consumption with an increase in the global day. Something can be restored in the summer. But we do not forget that Russia will continue to strike on the energy infrastructure. They are trying to attack. Substations that provide emergency assistance to the energy system from the neighboring countries of Central Europe.” – Blachkov says.

The situation in the electrical system depends only on the work of PPO and electrical engineers. Each Ukrainian can affect the balance of the system and the ability to recover damaged items. Timely powering is important, Blachkov explains. The energy sector needs tens of thousands of hryvnias, and if the Ukrainians do not come There will be no source of work to pay the consumed electricity on time.

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As explained to OBOZ.UA in the Ministry of Energy, now The department did not even consider the issue of fee hike For electricity. For now, priority work is being carried out, including assessment of losses, at least a temporary restoration plan for energy consumption.

Energy companies across the country are asking their customers to follow smart power consumption rules. For example, “Khmelnytskoblenergo” now said that “it is very important to reduce the amount of electricity consumption per hour.” Peak Load: 08:00 to 11:00 and 17:00 to 22:00”.

Among the top tips: turn on appliances one at a time, use energy-intensive appliances (iron, washing machine, electric boilers, etc.) outside of peak load periods, and turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. “Together, by consciously using electrical energy, power outages and additional technical damage to power grids can be avoided. If the load level of the power grid increases, power companies will be forced to introduce restrictions at peak load times,” said Khmelnytskoblenergo.

Russia will not stop trying to disable the power structure until a full scale war is over and they will take any opportunity to do so. The stable operation of Ukraine's energy system depends on PPO systems, energy workers and every Ukrainian, who must pay electricity on time and adhere to the rules of reasonable consumption.

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