Video: Woman steals sunglasses in Poland, then flees with security guard

The incident took place on Wednesday around eight o’clock. Reportedly a twenty-year-old woman Local police She broke into a shop in the center of the 80-year-old town near the Czech border and stole two bottles of baby milk. When the security guard caught her, she ran away and got into a car in the parking lot.

Even a guard stepping on her in front of a car didn’t stop her. When she stepped on the gas, he jumped on the hood of the vehicle. The woman left the parking space on the road and drove about 200 meters with the man on the hood of the vehicle. While driving, she ran a red light. After a while, she realized what she had done and stopped, local police said.

Surya Thief heard that she was accused of endangering life or causing harm to health. Punishment years imprisonment. Polish media on currency collapse, refugees often travel to Poland for cheap food.

There is nothing special about seeing the echoes of buyers in Polish shops. The prices of many products here are lower than in other neighboring countries, just like the nvtv French supermarket. However, sometimes, their feelings are really unusual, shocking se portl O2, He doesn’t even ask himself a pressing question, what is the reason for stealing the woman’s peace?

Recently, this is the second time that riders from Esk have caused a stir in our northern neighbor. Last week, Polish media reported that at a bath in the town of Prudnik, visitors were climbing out of the rooms. According to the leaders of the sports complex, this has a significant impact on children.

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