ISW believes that any advance of the armed forces will be decisive –

Ukrainian forces will be able to maintain the combat capability necessary to continue the degradation of Russian military forces.

Counter-offensive measures Armed Forces of Ukraine The invasion forced the Russian Federation army to redeploy its defense forces in the western part of the Zaporizhia region, weakened by the Ukrainian defenders. Due to this deterioration of the forces of Rosarmy, an opportunity is created for any advance of the Ukrainian defense forces, which will turn out to be decisive.

Such results were published in their new reports Institute for the Study of War (ISW) researchers.

Experts believe that possible lateral redeployments of Russian troops may indicate that Ukrainian counteroffensives have significantly weakened the enemy’s existing defense forces in the Zaporizhia region, where the armed forces have achieved tactical success. Therefore, if the Russian command wants to strengthen some units of the front in the future, the analysts suggest that they should carry out additional flanking reorganizations.

“Russia’s practice of conducting flanking realignments in key areas of the front may further weaken Russian defensive lines as a whole. As both Russian and Ukrainian operations push back enemy units in certain areas of the front. These flanking reinforcements prevent Russia from conducting offensive and defensive operations in the retaken sectors, and the rapid advance of forces used by the aggressors as reinforcements.” threatens degradation,” asserts ISW.

The Institute for War Studies notes that the Russian Federation currently lacks significant forces on the front that could be used for reinforcements without endangering other areas.

It is noted that the counteroffensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have withdrawn “elite Russian units and units” to the Bagmud region of the Donetsk region and continue to pursue them. Also, the occupiers have sent a significant number of forces for local offensive operations in Kubyansk, Kharkiv region and Svadovoye districts of Luhansk region, which are also aimed at diverting Ukrainian forces from the areas of counter-offensive operations.

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“Even if the Russian command decides to stop local attacks in these areas, Russian forces will need some time to slow down their operations and withdraw forces for flanking redeployments, without opening up the areas before successful Ukrainian counterattacks,” the ISW report said.

Meanwhile, the armed forces have reserves that allow them to rotate units that carry out defensive and offensive operations instead of relying on redeployment to other units without rest.

Analysts insist Ukrainian forces will be able to maintain the combat capability necessary to continue the degradation of the occupiers in the south of Ukraine and protecting the Pakmut region, while blocking the advance of the Russian army along the Kubyansk-Svatov-Kreminna line.

“Russian flanking redeployments may increase the likelihood that aggressor forces will have to retreat to prepared defensive positions without significant support in the event of a Ukrainian advance. Thus, further degradation of Russian defense forces creates potential opportunities for any Ukrainian advance,” the agency asserts.

As stated in the ISW report, The Ukrainian military is making tactical advances in Zaporizhia In conditions where counter-offensive operations continue in at least three parts of the front.

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