Cyber ​​fraudsters have a new trick to rob you of your money

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The number of attacks on the online platform is increasing year by year. According to recently published figures from the Czech Banking Association (ČBA), there were more than 30,000 in the first half of the year. So it’s no surprise that attacks and fraud take different forms.

ČSOB has now warned about another detected practice of cyber fraudsters. Some of them are currently trying to steal small amounts from the account in the hope that the account owner will not notice the withdrawal, and the attackers will have time to loot hundreds of thousands.

In our systems, we have noticed a new trend of cyber fraudsters trying to “chuck” a client’s account from hundreds of crowns to low thousands. However, for our systems, the amount is not that important and we can identify signs of fraud in the customer’s account regardless of the amount, He promised Peter Vosala, Digital Channel Security Manager at ČSOB Group. He, however, advises bank customers to check their account movements regularly and report anything suspicious to their bank immediately.

According to him, attempts to withdraw small amounts from the account happen especially in the evening and at night. However, even this fraud attack is thwarted by stealing login data for internet or mobile banking. Beware of fake links to real bank websites. The customer thinks he is logging into his bank’s online banking and in the process provides his credentials to the fraudster. Fraudsters often send these dangerous links via email or SMS, Vossel warns.

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As the Czech Republic’s police and banks recorded the number of cybercrimes recorded last year and this year, the number of people robbed was in the hundreds of thousands and damages exceeded a billion in the campaign last year. Caller and clicker. They made a new commitment to train a million people in cyber security. In the form of a partnership, ČSOB joined the operation of ČBA Then don’t!It reveals the most common tactics of fraudsters in the form of an internet test.

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