Singer will serve six years for abusing his wards. I deserve punishment, he said

I regret what I did and what I did. I respect the court verdict, he deserves to be punished even if he goes to jail. The singer said during the break that I must be two years old.

During the arrest, the judge decided to exclude the public due to the sensitivity of the case, which both the prosecutor and defense attorney agreed to. According to the verdict, the singer master knew a lot about the young PVC, none of whom were even 15 years old.

Last November, the municipal court sentenced the singer master to four years in prison, a sex penalty and a ten-year ban on working with children. But the lawyer appealed and sought a new sentence. The Supreme Court upheld the sentence.

Penalty imposed below lower threshold is not valid. Opalavan did not deny the crime. “If there's a lifetime ban from working with children, he should get it because I realize he should stay away from working with children,” said Pawrowski.

The singer once said he thought he might be punished. At the same time, he also said that he was trying to separate his family because of the financial compensation for selling the apartment.

The criminal committed over a hundred long acts between 2002 and 2012, with the last recorded act taking place in 2021. The choirmaster undid the pants of the six boys, masturbated them and demanded them, including the blowpipe.

He implemented a game called Canadian Torture. She singed and ran over the wounded female genitalia on her thighs, then gradually he gently stroked and touched her hips and crotch, where he also touched her genitals, the cover described. According to the cover, he attempted to perform anal sex on a boy.

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He helped the boy to compensate for the humiliation

The choirmaster sexually assaulted the boy in various locations, including in parish buildings, at his home, in the car on the way from choir rehearsal, to a neighboring choir in Italy, in a hotel room, or even while driving to me. Churches.

He did not seek the help of a medical facility. The specialist told him today that he has limited reasoning ability, but he doesn't want to end one because it suits him. I know that ten year period. Then they replaced each other. “He was very honest and he helped the boys and their families,” Pawrowski said in the court ruling.

He is known to others in the important month of November. I am deeply sorry for everyone. So I regret not seeking professional help. “Thanks to you, I realized how my actions had consequences for my victims and how selfish it was,” he told him last November from the Bonnys psychiatric hospital, where he had been locked up with homosexual pedophiles.

The abuse came to light accidentally when one of the victims made a statement to the police about another criminal matter. Children do not report abuse for fear of being abused by someone else. This affected them psychologically, they experienced suicidal thoughts, self-harm and relationship problems.

The most famous case of false singers is that of Kulnsko in Bochum. A court sentenced the choirmaster of the elite children's group Bambini de Braga to 5.5 years in prison for abusing 19 children, some of them as young as 15. Gulnsk denied his guilt.

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