Barandowski Bridge is re-passable. Completing tasks can further restrict traffic

Barbora Liskova, spokeswoman for the Technical Communications Administration (TSK), announced the opening of the Barrandovský bridge. “The route and the bridge from K Barrandovu Street are passable, detour removal work is currently underway and the construction of the front sections of the bridge will start on September 3,” Liskova said.

The bridge was re-opened a short time ago and TSK planned to open it to traffic on Sunday night. Night stress tests were conducted Wednesday through Thursday and Thursday through Friday prior to initiation. Six loaded trucks passed them on the bridge.

This year, the road workers started the bridge repair work on May 15. Together with the works on the curve from K Barrandovu Street, it includes the repair of the left half of the southern bridge in the direction from Smíchov to Braník. Final works on the forecourt on the Modranská and Smíchov sides must be completed by September 15.

This includes resurfacing at the junction from K Barrandovu Street to the road bridge, construction modification at the exit from the bridge to Modřanská Street and connecting the frontage to the bridge.

The finishing work will restrict traffic to some extent. In the direction of Barandovo, the pavement shoulder, the dedicated lane and part of the right lane will be closed. At the exit to Modřanská, the right lane from the exit and the left lane from the exit will be closed for about 150 meters.

On the Smíchovská side, traffic will be closed on two lanes. Drivers will travel on three lanes in Modřanské prepolí, as well as in the direction of Smíchov from the southern junction.

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Barand Bridge has been part of the city ring road since 1983 and has never been renovated. It is crossed by 140,000 cars daily, making it the busiest road in Prague. The renovation of the building spanned several years and always lasted only part of the year. These works will cost 594.5 million crowns for the entire period.

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