Battle of Pakmut – The armed forces advanced one kilometer

Battle of Pakmut – The armed forces advanced one kilometer


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May 9, 2023, 01:10

Under Pakmut’s direction, the armed forces not only defend, but also counterattack. Thus, the armed forces were able to make some progress in the direction of Bagmuth. about this reported Commander of the Terra Air Reconnaissance Wing Mykola Volokov (Abtula).

“We woke up at 3 in the morning, and at 4:30 we were already in position. We are working, we have a result – one kilometer of Ukrainian land was liberated from the Wagnerites, liberated from the Muscovites, liberated from the invaders. We continue to work, I think this is not all for today. ,” Abdullah said in a May 8 video.

According to the spokesperson of the Eastern Group, we will remind Serhiy CherevatyIn 9 months in the direction of Pakmut, Russia lost 20,000 soldiers.

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“Wagner” was the leader of the PPC’s militia during this entire period, as it was unable to finally capture Bagmuth Evgeny Prigogine He suddenly announced the next day that the city was of no strategic importance to the Russian army of occupation and that its capture was not a policy objective. In January, four months ago, Prigozhin said, “Pakhmud is the focal point of the Eastern Front and a serious logistical center with unique features.”

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