An evacuation train from the Kherson region came to Khmelnytskyi

Today, June 8, forced migrants who left the Kherson region due to environmental disaster and endless shelling arrived in Khmelnytskyi province. People were met at the station by rescue workers, volunteers, doctors, representatives of the authorities and the Red Cross of Ukraine.

Daily shelling and environmental devastation: People flee the Kherson region. The Russians once again revealed their rotten inner self and wreaked havoc on a global scale in the 21st century. Flooded homes, destruction of infrastructure, explosives-contaminated river water… Thousands of people lost their homes, all at the hands of non-humans.

On the platform of the Khmelnytsky railway station, the train was met by rescuers, volunteers, doctors, representatives of the authorities and the Red Cross of Ukraine.

“My house is under water and I could only collect three bags, this collection was given by volunteers,” says a woman with tears in her eyes and a trembling voice, losing everything she had earned in a few hours. .

Psychologists of the State Emergency Service and psychological services of the Red Cross of Ukraine worked with the people of Kherson as they awaited resettlement in communities of the region. Seven-year-old Alina draws a unicorn to a psychologist and tells her she’s running from bombs.

How I love to see the joy in the eyes of these big and kind children and a smile on their faces!

Earlier in the day, Khmelnitsky’s volunteers received humanitarian aid from the people of Kherson throughout the day. told Zosbilno The executive director of the public organization “Union of Defense-Volunteers” is Lesya Steplo. According to her, people bring food, household chemicals, bedding, everything that displaced people can accept.

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Lilia Arshinova has been working with volunteers since morning. He says: Everyone is preparing for the visit of Khersons. In the next room, her colleagues and their children and grandchildren are sorting clothes and shoes.

On the street, volunteers put shampoo and other personal hygiene products, household chemicals, baby diapers, baby food and clothes in boxes.

Lesya Stablo says: Yesterday, a call was sent on social networks to bring courier help, and since the morning, residents of Khmelnytsky have been carrying something non-stop.

“We realized how engaged the people of Khmelnytskyi are, everyone audited their wardrobes and belongings. We need to show once again that we are united, we support and understand those who come to us in Khmelnytskyi. Human support is now very important, as much as possible in response to such a tragic situation,” says Lesya. Stablo.

But he says, apart from long-term storage products, the biggest demand is:

“Toiletries, wet wipes, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, diapers. These should be brought to Kamianetska, 76. Also, if you have the opportunity, bring supplies, pillows, blankets, sheets, even if they are not new. In good condition. You It can be brought to “Dobrozakhist” near Ozerna – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm.

According to the doctor of the organization, Yuri Horbatyuk, initially, they make kits that include drugs from the home first aid kit: anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, pain reliever, cardiovascular drugs.

The humanitarian aid distribution center of the regional council, which has been operating for more than a year on the basis of the Staritsky Theater, is also expecting the arrival of the people of Kherson, says Anna Yemelyanova, its head. He says what kind of help the people of Kherson will need first, and asks for feedback from everyone who can help them:

“We need help in the form of blankets, pillows, utensils, bed linen, hygiene products, packaged food, etc. As of now, we are working on Mondays and Fridays. Anyone, bring it directly to the theater and we will distribute everything. The problem is space and people”.

They are preparing to meet the people of Kherson in a camp for displaced persons in the village of Martynkivtsi in Satanivska hromada. 20 migrants are currently moving here, Denis Ostapenko, one of the camp’s coordinators, told Saspilny. According to him, 14 five-person rooms are planned to be used in the premises of the camp before more evacuees from the Kherson region arrive. There are washing machines, a kitchen, bed linen. If necessary, tents can be placed.

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