Blood from the belts and “sucked” brains. I want to fly over the Charles Bridge, says the acrobatic pilot

Acrobatic pilot Lukáš Pařízek is in the national team and his dream is to become the first Czech world champion in the unlimited category. Also fly over the Charles Bridge in Prague. “There’s enough room, I’ve already measured it. My plane has a wingspan of about seven meters, so that’s fine,” says the man who proposed to his girlfriend in the plane’s cockpit. Then he “gave” her thirty-two turns. “I knew it would last,” he says.

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Lukáš Pařízek swam competitively, skated, played volleyball, and was involved in combat sports, but eventually his passion became aerial acrobatics.

“It’s a completely different world, but I get experience from those sports where I fly. In particular, the experience of swimming, where you can move freely in the water, for example, when you make a turn at the end of the pool. While crawling, you can also orient yourself in space,” he explains. .

He has no fear even with the most difficult acrobatic sequence. He concentrates completely on the control of the aircraft.

“The worst thing is that for some pilots your wing has already fallen off. At that moment, you have to have room to jump out quickly with a parachute. Or cut the engine, you have a few seconds. The right decision , otherwise it will end badly,” describes the pilot, who is more Constantly reaching the limits of the human body’s capabilities during loads.

In order not to lose consciousness, he must breathe properly and especially tighten his muscles. In this way, he manages to keep a large amount of oxygenated blood in the head during a 10G attack. “A person always has to learn to make the right decisions when they run out of oxygen. It becomes even more difficult,” he points out.

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He is so attached to his plane that he even proposed to his partner. How did she answer? “I did it smartly, before we did thirty-two turns I gave her the ring, which I gave her for her birthday,” says Lukasz Baricek.

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