The Ministry of Defense commented on the rumors about the withdrawal from Solidar –

Mallyar asserted that only authorized persons have the right to disclose information about the activities of the armed forces.

U Soletari Fighting with Russian invaders continues in the Donetsk region.

about this Said Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar.

According to him, some people try to use the interest in the situation and manage to earn fame or money from it. Mallyar reminded that public disclosure of information about movement, movement and location of our forces is prohibited by law.

“If anyone publishes unauthorized information about where our troops have gone, where they have gone, where they are physically – this works against the enemy and harms our defenders,” the deputy minister stressed.

Mallyar asserted that only the Supreme Commander, Defense Minister, Chief of Armed Forces and Chief of General Staff have complete information about the situation on the front line.

“Simply put, the fight continues. Everything else is unverified information, unauthorized and without knowledge of the general picture of the predecessor (it is a state secret). The public does not know these plans and therefore does not understand the context. They are presented with pieces of information that they know, and how they harm our security.” Malyar concluded.


Earlier, Yuri Butusov was a journalist reportedOur troops are said to have been “forced to leave Soledar residential areas under environmental threat and heavy fighting.”

According to him, Ukrainian troops are fighting in the industrial zone on the outskirts of Solader, near mine number 7.

“This is a group of industrial buildings, which is included in the administrative boundaries of the city, but it is located far from the residential areas and is in the western suburbs of Soledor. There, in the western suburbs, it is now in the lead,” Butsov said.

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About the fact that the foreground is already out of Soledar territory reported as well as Robert Brovdi (call sign “Magyar”), commander of the Air Reconnaissance Division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“At 5:30 pm (January 15), the PKK’s stormtroopers occupied the industrial zone of mine No. 7 Soledar. Thus, the presence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the administrative borders of the city of Soledar was stopped. Echelon defense is now engaged and the so-called positional war begins,” he said. He said.

Let us recall what President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an evening video message The battles for Solitaire continue. The internet also showed how-to videos Ukrainian flag flying over Solidar.

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