After the collapse of the subsidy, Russia was spared, and the feather factory was the first to open

The chairman of the board of directors, Pavel Tvrznk, says that there are people from 10 am to 5 pm and the press office wandering the corridors, stairs and industrial premises of the company, which is also closed.

Staff, prisoners and families of former staff are leaving the prisons of the Republic. Only a few are allowed to take advantage of the unique opportunity to see behind the walls of our company, which for dozens of years has produced necklaces, bracelets and necklaces decorated with grants in the color of pigeon’s blood.

My grandmother worked for Vince at Grand and used to tell us about it when I was little. I want to wonder where she worked and what she actually did, says Turnovanka Katena Belkov.

In addition to the gallery and shop opening, a tour of the entire waterfall will be prepared for groups. Through the guide, they will go through the process of determining the raw materials entering the company, its run week, dog, assembly and order production. They grow, summer or planting stone, writes Tvrznk.

The excursion takes about an hour and people can only see it at Mst. Meanwhile, kids can try simplified goldsmithing procedures on their favorite pieces and receive a certificate of completion. Borrowers for adult loans also appeared with us, laughs Tvrznk.

Grinding by stone machines

A variety of sounds emanate from the palms, each with its own scent. Visitors can observe how an eight-eyed worker quickly separates the grain (i.e. grants) from the chaff or skillfully controls the stone machines and grinds individual stones according to their shape and size.

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So come to the office, where 3D designs of new rings or frames are created, and you can appreciate the precision with which goldsmiths match feathers with miniature grants.

It’s not dust, it’s a smoking oven. They are able to take them in their hands and flatten them into feathered models, l Petra Pavlitov, the association’s business editor. “We’re excited about what’s going to be built here in Tarno, and we’re excited that people will come to the open house and see the process,” he said.

Grant is breathing again after Covid

Grant currently has 169 employees, of which 98 are co-operatives only. During the coronavirus pandemic, their numbers were reduced to around 60 due to retirement.

Covid, like many companies in Grant, broke the mill’s neck. As the government closed stores and orders from overseas stopped, revenue fell by 93 percent.

That time is valuable to us. We exhausted the first two financial reserves and then of course we had to borrow. Thanks to that, and then thanks to the state’s covid touch and support, we survived, Tvrznk recalled.

Last year Jet showed a loss and this year the pub made a small profit. With a turnover of around 130 million, we are at around 90 per cent of our pre-Covid sales, he explains.

Rusov Brahly for Massive Perch

In Grant, where the Pravrensk zazen is powered by electricity, they set energy prices until the end of the year. Even when we replaced the machines with spork in previous years, we have replaced the lights in the hall with LEDs, so they are energy efficient under them, says the chairman of the board.

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So the impact of energy price hike can be estimated over five years. But let us assume that the investment increases by 70 to 80 percent.

Covid and the wolf in Ukraine, among others, caused an outflow of orders, mainly for Russian customers, who were looking for massive feathers with so many stones. As a result, the number of Russian and American tourists has decreased. Known products are still being bought, they are about 15 percent more expensive than in the spring.

How do I like their design? It is a large pattern with many smaller stones. We had a problem packing them in metal, so we developed a technology to pack the metal in wax before casting it. The stones are mechanically fixed there, so there is a lack of line, Tvrznk explains.

A set for Vc is not a million

Breaking away from this trend is a collection of unique perches for over a million crowns, made for the company by a team of designers, grinders and goldsmiths. It contains seventy of the largest Czech grants discovered in recent years. These are supplemented by 1,492 smaller grants about one millimeter in size.

Even with a little stone polishing, the grant will not lose its deep red color, even Saturday’s visitors can convince themselves. How much gold a necklace, two earrings, a ring and a bracelet will cost the future owner is a mystery that can only be solved by the Germans.

In addition to the Grand, the Kilovo Toll weekend will also open the Berkask Bike Park, Tarnov Museum or Emsel Street. A complete list of cities offering weekend events in the region is available at

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