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Ukraine needs long-term and uninterrupted support from its allies as it fights an evil that threatens global security.

NATO has responded to fears that the situation in Israel will divert the West’s attention from the war in Ukraine. Yes, the coalition pledged that the escalation in Israel would not undermine the commitment of partners to help our country.

This was stated by the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg In an interview with DW.

Not by words, but by actions

As Stoltenberg noted, President Zelensky participated in a meeting at NATO headquarters within the framework of the US-led Contact Group on Ukraine.

“And the NATO countries said, yes, we are concerned and certainly shocked by the brutality of the terrorist attack on Israel last weekend. But it does not undermine our ability, our readiness, our resolve to continue to support Ukraine.” Stoltenberg noted.

In recent days, NATO allies have made new key statements about expanding support to Ukraine. In particular, Germany announced the development of ammunition and air defense systems, including modern patriotic installations.

“The United States, Great Britain and others. Therefore, NATO’s support for Ukraine is not just words, it is concrete actions. I think the best expression of our support is concrete actions, which are visible on the ground every day. We continue to support Ukraine.

Earlier, Stoltenberg insisted that Ukraine needed more weapons. The stronger it is on the battlefield, the stronger its position at the negotiating table.

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