While I don’t have pension reform, I hope the system survives, Mr. Botek

Martin Potek, analyst for iDNES.cz, said that pensions will gradually decrease over the next few years due to proposed changes in the pension sector. Now, according to him, replacements are down by 50 percent, but in the coming years they should even go down to 55 percent. There is no time, I think there is a need to discuss, Potek said.

Martin Botek is an expert who focuses on retirement for the long term. In 2014 and 2017, he chaired the Expert Commission on Pension Reform. However, he does not agree with the recent pension changes and instead, he thinks they are an alibi.

The proposal of government policies is an interruption of inter-generational unity and it cannot end like this. There are other ways to keep your alternatives at your level. Professor Potek believes that the overall change in the social and tax system should be taken into account.

Way Tao progress

As an experienced analyst of public and social policy, I do not understand why we in the Czech Republic avoid the lines of progress. According to her, the market itself is unfair and tends to take away from the poor. Therefore, he opined that progress must first be the overarching goal of others as it maintains the social direction and overall unity of the society.

After 2030, the dream will change dramatically, according to economically active people who contributed in the first year to those in retirement. However, every pension paid in the Czech Republic is still required to be future eligible. In an ideal scenario, the entire pie structure should be completely transparent. His assistants should know in advance what to expect from him. It is not today, at least for the next five to eight years, the government’s proposal will not be different, Martin Potek comments, and a few years ago, as the head of the expert commission for pension reform, he saw a very low contribution of the OSV to the whole system.

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During an interview for iDNES.cz, he criticized pension funds operating in the Czech Republic. Compared to other states in the West, they deduct more from the contributions of all members of the voluntary Czech pension system.

Five years ago, the National Budget Council compared our pension fund with other countries. But in two dleitch areas, they performed almost and nejhe. Every year, these funds save 0.8% of what is invested in them. However, in other countries, it is much lower, and public and social policy analyst Martin Potek said the government should focus on this in the next few years.

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