The Russian fleet was transferred from Sevastopol to other Crimean ports

“They (Russia, – Ed.) often send ships to ports other than Sevastopol. It is Novorossiysk, where there is a large naval base, Feodosia and even Kerch,” he said.

According to the spokesman of the Navy, there is a version that the Russians plan to restore the Black Sea naval base in Abkhazia.

“However, this is still only unconfirmed information. As for the dispersion, we confirm this fact,” Pledenchuk said.

According to him, at the same time, the invaders had problems with the “mooring front”.

“There weren’t enough ships to deploy these units. As a result, they sent back to Sevastopol some that weren’t too upset. These were Serna boats and several tugboats,” a Navy spokesman said. .

Ukrainian attacks on Russian ships

The Ukrainian military has repeatedly attacked Russian ships this summer and fall. Defenders attacked not only near the coast of Crimea, but also in the area of ​​Novorossiysk Bay.

So, yesterday RBC-Ukraine sources SBU together with the Ukrainian Navy attacked the enemy cruise missile carrier “Buyan” and the ship “Pavel Derzhavin” in Crimea. Experimental weapons were used for this.

A Navy spokesman confirmed that the patrol vessel “Pavel Tershavin” was hit twice near the coast of Sevastopol.

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