Students and the European elections: Driving with the stars Nerudov and Turk. Fourth and ANO together under light

BIf elections to the European Parliament were held only among middle and high school students, they would turn out quite differently, not according to classic studies. Suvarn Hutton will be strong in a match with Dana Nerutova. Candidate motorist Sob and Sahi will end up at this place. This way they will together defeat a strong government coalition. Zelen must narrowly cross the five percent threshold, otherwise, the ANO movement will end up behind him. This was shown in a survey conducted by GTS Alive between April and mid-May among 1,726 students issued ISIC student ID cards.

This is the first survey conducted among Czech college students during the European elections. The authors of this study focused on students who were at least 18 years old during the European elections. The survey was mainly a survey of high-wheel drive, which accounted for nearly 61 percent of the 1,726 respondents.

According to the survey, Jasna, who got nearly 25 percent of the votes, will get STAN nearly 17 percent over Birtha’s friends. “STAN u students get points for a suitably elected leader,” said political scientist Pavel Aradn from Palacky University in Olomouc, when asked for his opinion on the HN results.

“Many young people remember Tanuya Nerudova in a presidential election as long as it involves a theme that young people love – whether it’s a sensitive approach to climate change or freedom and justice,” he said.

This explains the 13 percent of the vote for the city, which according to the survey, will be won by a coalition of non-parliamentary groups Psaha and Motorist sob, led by former car manufacturer Filip Turek in the European elections. The government stepped up its criticism of the Green Deal and defended the internal combustion engine.

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“Young people follow social media a lot, so it’s not really surprising that more than one in ten of them will vote for the candidate led by Philipp Durk. He clearly presents his ideas. In form, the dream is to grow up young,” he advises.

The Spolu coalition will finish with 11.4 percent, behind the alliance of businessman Turk and former elite policeman Robert Lachta. “She is a candidate who will not offend anyone, but she will not be interested either. An element of strong identification with one of the personalities of Together with Mistake,” he advises, and for the same reason, according to him, even in the survey, only 4.3 percent, the ANO movement was a strong supporter.

Exclusive study on European elections: Spolu, ANO sbr New election and warning to walk away, KSM returns to

25. 3. 2024 ▪ 7 minutes ten

“His candidate for Young Sobit confuses me a bit. And ANO’s main move – Andrej Bobby – n mistakes.” Jet h – with 1.2 percent of the vote – then finished the SPD candidate with the Tricolora, headed by economist and former MEP Svobodn Petr Mach.

“In the past, SPD has attracted students from various fields, and their names being mentioned in the survey may be one of the reasons why they are so low,” says the consultant. Another reason, according to him, must be the new competition – the most important is the Psaha of motorists. This has also been confirmed in car research.

“Data shows that students used and in some vocational secondary constituencies, SPD supported Vt in student elections in the past, now they prefer the candidate Motorist sob with Psaha. Their leader Philippe Turek is also very visible on social media. In addition, during the European elections 18 and over The survey was conducted among students only, and logically there were very few students from high schools above middle schools, which had its own effect on SPD’s results,” said John Imrall, the survey’s expert assurance for GTS Alive.

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According to Aradn, the survey should be taken with a grain of salt, as with all that is not produced by one of the agencies associated with the Simer professional group observes among students in his academic career. According to him, the reported turnout of 66 percent youth voters is controversial. Imral zi high illustrates the fact that there is a general divide between high school graduates and high school students according to the people who are interested in public day.

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