Counterattack in the South – An expert explains how the armed forces deceived the invaders —

Defense forces in Zaporizhia conduct combat reconnaissance in order to locate camouflaged enemy positions.

The active combat operations carried out by the armed forces primarily in the Zaporizhia region cannot be called a full-scale offensive.

This opinion was expressed in an opinion by military observer Oleksandr Kovalenko

According to him, deep reconnaissance by war takes place in the Orihiv-Pyatigatka area and a little east of Vuklader.

“These are actions aimed at revealing previously masked enemy positions. This applies to enemy artillery, which is very abundant in camouflage. It applies to the placement of warehouses with ammunition, fuel and lubricants, command posts and control points,” explained Kovalenko.

According to a military observer, the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine misled the Russian command, which perceived the advance of the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the direction from Orichov to Tokmak and Melitopol or via Volnovakha to Mariupol.

“They saw this option as our big counter-attack, so they activated all the forces they had in a camouflage pattern in order to counter the defense forces of Ukraine. We used this to get information about their disguised positions. Because of this combat intelligence, we were able to take positions in some of these places, and our influence “It was possible to expand and establish control over the front line. Therefore, the combat mission of this intelligence was exceeded even by war,” the expert concluded.

It may be recalled that the day before, on June 8, the Washington Post, citing four officers in the armed forces, reported that the Ukrainian army’s long-awaited counteroffensive against the occupying Russian forces had begun in the southeast.

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