Babis will run for prime minister again, and he has not ruled out cooperation with the SPD

From the beginning of the program, Bobby commented on the lack of visionary currents, which the movement has long criticized and ANO's critics call a one-man thing. Responding that we exist, we have eliminated the industrialists, we don't have to fight, Bobby was not elected by a single movement in Saturday's meeting.

According to his own words, the leader of ANO did not have to trample on the political alliance in Maliki and was able to allow the government formed by then President Milo Zeman.

The conversation turned again to the future, with Bobby not ruling out a post-election collaboration with the SPD, which is currently in opposition with the ANO. The bloc, which has half a million supporters and is a legitimate party, disagrees with Tomio Okamura's move on the referendum issue, Bobby said.

In Russia, SPD Vice President Radim Fiala, who was re-elected to ele ANO, became a strong supporter of the Cooperation parties against the government coalition.

Babi reiterated his ambitions for five parliamentary elections to be held in 2025. Bobby said we want to get more votes than they can pass us. According to Baby, ANO will not join the government with ODS, which is his biggest rival.

After Bobby was re-elected as head of the ANO movement, he responded to Petr Fiala's revelation that he wrote a congratulatory message with X on social media, “I wish Bobby would act like a politician and lie to me. It's not a day of congratulations. Blake, Konen and Dahl wrote me a congratulatory SMS.” Again Fiala was outraged as he had earlier promised not to raise taxes.

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Dostlov will lead ANO to the European elections

He refused to answer the evaluator's additional questions about Bobby being convicted multiple times by the court and stopped short of discussing HHC's psychoactive substances.

On taxes, Bobby returned to the topic of super gross wages, which was abolished by ANO with ODS support during the last election period. People also want out of those disputes. Jay, shoehorning the public fund, bragged to Bobby and said he would immediately reintroduce electronic records of requirements if he switched to government.

On the next show, Bobby expressed his criticism of the letter election I stupidly put on the show in the past.

  • A year ago Bobby was in the spotlight in the Czech Republic and similar presidential campaigns abroad.
  • In a pre-election debate at the time, he announced that after his election, he would not send Czech troops to the fort against attacks from Poland and the Baltic states.
  • Later, he backtracked on the fact that he had never questioned NATO's collective security.

The former Prime Minister told the people that they cannot vote abroad. He declined to be compared to Donald Trump, who in the past has aggravated his friends first with rhetoric about stolen elections, a rhetoric used by politicians from the YES movement in relation to postal elections. It's arrogance on our part, we respect the civil court, Bobby grumbled.

ANO leader still supports Trump. On Saturday, the former US president was asked if he would not help countries that did not pay enough in the event of an attack by Russia.

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I do not know. I met him four times. Bobby said he's very good in private, but when he's on stage he's a weird guy with a helmet on, he swallows you like a camp. According to him, Trump rushed it, but if he becomes president again, he cannot afford a similar move.

This is how he outlined his campaign for the European elections. Ldryn economist and former minister of local development Klra Dostlov. In the European Parliament, ANO wants to focus on migration, among others, according to its president. The boat should never leave with the migrants, Bobby said.

On the show, Bobby talked about the security of the ESC or the purchase of F-35s, which ANO has long criticized. The F-35 is very expensive and will arrive in eleven years. Ehka and Ernach are afraid that there is a wolf behind the door, so Bobby is surprised that we want something that has been around for so long.

He also spoke about his future in the movement he founded in 2011. According to his words, he will be the president of ANO and the prime ministerial candidate in the elections for the House of Representatives. “If I was a problem for ANO, I wouldn't be there,” Bobby added.

After all, Patty, the moderator, kept asking about the case and the case, which the court will discuss again next week. A casual hunter saw it and commented on the reopened Bobby case.

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