Firefighters rescued the pair from Lake Medard. A strong wind overturned their boat

On Sunday afternoon, firefighters from the Karlovy Vary region went to the rescue of two people whose boat capsized on Lake Medart in the Sokolovsk region. (April 1, 2024)
| Photo: Facebook: HZS Karlovy Vary Region

Firefighters brought the pair to shore, while one crew member was admitted by emergency services due to possible hypothermia. A second person in the sailboat remained in the lake, regional fire department spokesman Martin Gasal said.

“There were strong winds in the region, and apart from this incident, firefighters intervened in six wind-related incidents – these were fallen trees,” he said.

Two crews of firefighters went to Lake Medard with a boat, following the lake's shoreline to get as close as possible to where the overturned boat was on the surface.

“Then they put the boat in the water. Two people were near the overturned sailboat and firefighters pulled them out of the water and brought them to shore. Firefighters later towed the overturned boat to shore,” Ghazal added.

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