After the rocket launcher, we will take Přemysl to the helicopter, announced Dědek z Dárk for Putin.

The name of the helicopter is still unclear. According to Dędek, the initiative tries to choose funny names. “The Czech Republic never had so many fighters in its past,” Titek sighed.

According to him, stopping the supply of arms to Ukraine will have dangerous consequences for the Czech Republic as well. So Tetek does not understand the so-called “chimirs” calling for peace in Ukraine. That is, even at the cost of concessions to Moscow and Putin.

“It’s a manifestation of a certain convenience and cowardice. These people don’t realize that if Ukraine doesn’t get its territory, we could soon be in the role of losing territory, and I don’t want to live to see it. .” Grandpa explained.

“I’m so proud”

He also emphasized that it is up to all of us to end the Russian aggression by arms in Ukraine as soon as possible. “I am very proud that 120,000 Czechs expressed their opinion not only verbally, but even when everything is expensive, they do not hesitate to reach into their own wallets,” added the initiator of the prize for the Putin collection. Since last May, 440 million crowns have already been selected.

“Talking in the pub is different, let the boys fight. It’s a very different situation to reach your wallet, copy the card number and actually send the money,” Detek said last week during a visit to the Rocket Launcher facility.

The initiative recently raised money for the RM-70 rocket launcher, which will be named Přemysl. A collection of 365 rockets will also be added, and the collection to get is still ongoing. It has collected 50 million crowns so far.

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The initiative has already managed to raise money, for example, about thirty million crowns for the modernized T-72 Avenger tank, which bears the name Tomas. It managed to raise 90 million for the Victor Van Defense System.

For the helicopter purchased, the scale of the planned collection is not yet known.

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