A concert by Kokob in Kyiv was interrupted due to an air traffic alert.

Organizers initially announced the show would be cancelled, but eventually, after the alarm was stopped, the show could go ahead at the club, which reopened last fall.

Slovak bands FVLCRVM, Berlin Manson, Karpatske Crpati, Fara and Vitrapena Pujirka Punk System also performed at the event. Three Ukrainian groups, Stanzia Mir, Hyphen Dash and Lucas Baird, also played. The event marked the first time the club had an international representation of artists, Said Slovak dennik n.

Before the concert, there was a discussion with Kokab and Michal Kascak, the main organizer of the Bohota festival. Bohoda organized the event in collaboration with the Music Saves Ukraine initiative and the Association of Ukrainian Music Events.

“After two years of brutal Russian occupation, it is important for Ukrainians to show their support and belonging to their own country,” said Kascak, who hopes the event will become a precedent for the entire European music scene. “In Kyiv, there are amazing clubs, great conditions for playing live and above all, amazing people,” he added.

The event had a voluntary entry fee, and proceeds will go to the Music Saves UA initiative, which provides humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine.

In the week before the event, the organizers handed over to the Ukrainians nine ambulances and pick-ups from the collection organized by Slovak Dennik N. This collection is sponsored by Bohota Festival. Ambulances, including CoCab, were directly transported by artists performing in Gaye. In total, thirty ambulances, off-road vehicles and pick-ups have already been procured through the above scheme. These vehicles save lives on the front lines.

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Ukraine says Russian saboteurs kill two civilians in Sumy region

Sarcasm in Slovakia

Prime Minister Robert Fico's direction-Social Democracy, the strong Slovak government party, used the mentioned event to claim that life is normal in Kiev. The government has pointed out that the Open Society Foundation and the Pontis Foundation are sponsoring the event, with money from American financier George Soros behind it all.

Eric Kalinak, president of Fico's consultants, and Richard Kluke, work in the government office. Video Mocking the event in Kiev published on the social network, the Atlas club has a bar on the roof, from which there is a great view.

“Who would organize a mega party on the roof of a building in a city that faces murderous bombings every day?” Kluk asked rhetorically. “Participants of the event will be completely safe, because Vitali Klitschko will stand on the nearby church tower and operate an invincible air defense, destroy the Russian Kinzel missiles with his left hook, catch them with his right hand and throw them back to Crimea. Causing huge losses to the already destroyed Russian army,” Klug said.

Fico met with his Ukrainian counterpart Denis Shmihal in Uzhhorod this week, and when asked by a journalist why he didn't go all the way to Kiev, he said life was normal in the Ukrainian capital and there was no war.

He said this hours after a Russian attack on Kiev injured at least 20 people, including many children.

There was no war in Kiev, Figo said, but he did not go there. He then ran away from the press

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