Volodymyr Zelenskyi – What progress has been made on sanctions and Russian assets – Ukraine

The pressure should be more and more intense.

Currently, there are communication decisions with partners regarding Russian assets. In the past month, Ukraine has moved closer to the decision it needs, and that would be fair.

about this said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

As the Ukrainian leader emphasized, all Russian assets – the assets of the terrorist state and its associated persons, in various jurisdictions and frozen, should work to protect them from Russian aggression. Of course, they should be confiscated.

“We are doing everything to ensure that this decision is prepared in a meaningful way in the future. Thank you to everyone who helped us develop this mechanism for restorative justice,” he says.

The barriers are no less important. We need a new EU sanctions package, which is already being prepared. New measures are being taken to limit Russia's ability to evade sanctions.

“Each expression of pressure on Russia brings us closer to peace. Every expression of help to Ukraine is life-saving. I am grateful to everyone who is with Ukraine! Thank you to everyone who fights and works for our state, our freedom and our people. ! Glory to Ukraine!”, Zelensky concluded.

Earlier, Zelenskyi announced the All-Ukrainian Economic Platform.

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