Babis said the migration deal was a thousand times worse than forced refugee quotas.

According to the ANO president, the migrant agreement is a temporary arrangement of illegal immigrants from Asia and Africa with a different mentality and culture. According to him, this is a cruel agreement based on forced solidarity, which according to Papia is nothing more than refugees disguised as flowers and shot for migrants.

ANO wants the government to explain its position on the EU's new immigration rules at an extraordinary meeting.

Two weeks ago, the government announced that the Czech Republic would hold a referendum on the treaty. According to the Ministry of Interior, its latest version reduces the possibility of preventing illegal migration to the EU's external border.

Although it does not contain mandatory relogan flowers, the Czech Republic has long been against them, so we have no reason to veto it. However, after discussions with the European Parliament, he got a change that, in our view, reduces the possibility of effectively preventing illegal migration at the external border. Minister of the Interior Vt Rakuan told that the very different protection of the Union's external border is stupid according to my question about illegal migration.

Unity of de mon formi po

The essence of the reform of the EU's immigration policy is to be united based on the decisions of the Polish countries on how they want to deal with the immigration problem. You have the option, but not the obligation, to accept refugee women in your country. Another option is financial assistance for victims of illegal immigration. And the last option would help with security and border enforcement outside the EU borders.

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Under Putin's rule, the government argued that refugees from Ukraine would not have to pay anything as long as they were under permanent protection in the Czech Republic, while the Czech Republic would not accept immigrants from the rest of the world.

Klra Dostlov, the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and ANO's number one candidate for the European Parliament elections, criticized Raghuan and the government in the House of Representatives for resigning from trying to negotiate the blockade, with the Czech Republic deciding only to crack down. Along with Poland and Hungary, he was against the immigration treaty from the beginning so that he would not be drunk.

Okamura said the migrant deal is the future of the Czech Republic

Tomio Okamura, leader of the SPD's second opposition movement, declared that we don't want African or Islamic illegal immigrants here.

The Migrants Agreement is the future of the Czech Republic. The SPD said it could not redeem itself from it. According to him, the people should decide in a referendum on the immigration deal, but also on EU membership.

The coalition announced at both meetings that it would not support the draft plan at the extraordinary meeting, which is what happened, according to reports. ANO MP Alena Schillerov responded that we will not give up on peace. The migrant deal intends to go to the government for an interview on Thursday. She didn't cry or give an uncivilized schzi.

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