Despite funding shortfalls, the US continues to supply Ukraine with air defense weapons

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The US will continue to provide air defense weapons to Ukraine. This is made possible by the many opportunities that have already been contracted.

When Tau report Press conferences Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder said.

He stressed that within the framework of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), there are many opportunities that have already been contracted, including the provision of air defense equipment.

“There are some capabilities contracted with USAI, including some air defense capabilities. We will continue to work very closely with allies and partners to identify Ukraine's needs and work with them to facilitate that process.”Ryder said in a statement.

A Pentagon spokesman responded to a question about whether US air defense missiles would continue to be delivered to Ukraine, saying it was about “these and other options for assistance” announced as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI).

It is worth recalling that on February 5, the leadership of the US House of Representatives called for a new bill for additional funding, combining the allocation of funds for aid to Ukraine, Israel and the strengthening of the southern border of the United States. than US lawmakers expected.

Subsequently, US President Joe Biden accused his rival in the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump, of violating the agreement on border policy. In the package with these agreements, referendums on support for Ukraine and Israel are planned.

On February 7, the United States Senate did not vote on a bill to strengthen immigration policy, which would have provided additional funding to Ukraine and Israel.

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In turn, US President Joe Biden reacted strongly to the Senate's failure to vote on a bill related to funding for aid and border security to Ukraine and Israel.

Already on Thursday, February 8, the upper house of the US Congress adopted a practical decision to further consider the bill on the allocation of additional aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. The initiative received the necessary 60 votes of senators. This made it possible to open debate on the draft law, meaning the vote was not final. After the Senate, the bill will go to the House for a vote, but Speaker Mike Johnson is not sure when he will hold a vote.

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