Russia advances in Kharkiv region: What is the situation on the front as of Sunday evening?

The Russian army is advancing in the Kharkiv area.

As of Sunday evening, May 12, the Russian army is conducting offensive operations northwest of the village of Lipsi in the north of Kharkiv province.

This was announced by Nazar Voloshin, the spokesman of the Korditsia operational-strategic troop group, in a Telethon broadcast.

“Currently, the Russian army is carrying out offensive operations in offensive groups northwest of Liptsi, and is also trying to advance in areas separated from the area north of Liptsi, where Russian troops have tried to achieve some success,” Nasser Voloshin said.

“The Defense Forces of Ukraine are operating on prepared defensive lines, fire damage is carried out with the aim of completely disrupting the enemy’s offensive and destroying the enemy who is putting a wedge in our defense,” he assured. According to him, it was decided to strengthen Ukrainian combat units in the region.

At the same time Voloshyn Information about occupation is not confirmed Six settlements by Russian troops in the north of the Kharkiv region.

“It is still too early to talk about the occupation of populated areas, we will not confirm,” the spokesperson said.

He noted that Vovchansk city authorities “deny information about the invaders entering the city, and shelling and fighting continue there.”

It is worth recalling that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken answered whether Ukraine could hold the front line.

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