Zelensky’s speech on June 5: President about good news from Bakmut

Zelensky thanked the Ukrainian defenders in the Pakmut direction.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fighting in the direction of Pakmut. He emphasized that he thanked them for this message.

He said this during a speech to Ukrainians on June 5.

“First of all, I am grateful to all our soldiers, all our defenders, who gave us the messages we were waiting for this day. Pakmuth direction – well, soldiers! We see that Russia feels any blow there frantically. , all our occupied positions. Ukraine to the enemy that he will win. Know. They see it. They thank you for your strikes, soldiers and especially in the Donetsk region. Thank you for that!” – said the President.

Volodymyr Zelensky also mentioned several units that would protect Ukraine from aggressors.

“Today I would like to give special mention to several of our combat units. These are the 5th Separate Assault Brigade and the 57th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade, which efficiently, decisively and effectively defend our positions, destroy the invaders and most importantly, move forward. Thank you soldiers! Everyone Thanks!” said.

We will remind you that earlier Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar announced offensive operations. He informed about the successes of Pakmuth movement.

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