Border of Czech Republic and Moravia. Politicians assumed the role of historian

However, the whole lap finally admitted it was lost. The area of ​​Bardubice, which the two cities belong to and which lies on the historical border of the two countries, finally recognized it as a worthy idea and, after consultation with the Moravian National Municipality, established eight border markers with the inscription Historical Border of Chechnya. and Moravia.

Politicians tried. According to them, the marking of the historical border between the Czech Republic and Moravia need not be limited to the Partubis area, but can be marked along the entire length.

Seventy-nine MPs in the House of Representatives have now signed up, along with Member of Parliament Radek Vondrk (ANO). proposal, ambitious to create national emblems and flags. So fix their location.

According to the state of the border between the Czech lands and the Moravian-Silesian region on December 31, 1948, a sign with the national emblem shows the borders of the Czech lands and Moravia on the roads and roads. But not everyone considers him a person, even declaring him a danger.

The idea was born 1200 years after the first written reference to the Moravians, describing the birth of the proposal and the idea of ​​some Speaker of the House, Radek Vondrek (ANO). Moravian politicians met five times in front of the Constitutional Court in Brno, i.e. in the original building of the Moravian State Assembly.

During the day, there was a relaxed atmosphere, with a snake-like companion donning a suit. There, invited guests drank at Pete’s. I processed it, experts from the field of vexillology (the field that deals with flags, editor’s note) took care of it, and Vondrek lays out the details.

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For the people of Moravia, it means a lot, the Moravian flag does not.

Member of ANO Radek Vondrek

According to him, it is essentially a re-enforcement of non-existent national symbols and flags. This is a good sign for the people of Moravia, because the Moravian flag does not actually exist, it would be legal. This is not a sign of deep-seated separatism, but the condition is that symbols and flags should be worn with dignity, the parliamentarian said.

Purple Ministers are supportive

What should flags and symbols on borders really look like? According to heraldist and vexillologist Zdek Kubek, who collaborated on the draft law, the overall shape of the national emblems was a compromise.

Although national symbols were based on the capital symbol, it was more complicated for flags. Due to the possibility of replacing them with the flags of the German or Austrian federal states, a monochromatic image with the bicolor national symbol of the city of two colors was chosen. For Czechs, it’s a red flag with a blue Czech lion, a traditional blue bicolor to be confused with the flag of neighboring Poland.

Flags and emblems of Czechia, Moravia and Silesia according to the images of the draft law by MPs Radek Vondrek, Pavel Blakko, Petr Kastek, Lucie Afrankov, Marian Jureka, Vlastimil Vlek and others for the publication of the Law on Land Symbols. March 10, 2023)

The origins of national symbols and flags are historically unclear. Fixing the situation is all around us. Former Education Minister Mr. Petr Gazdk (STAN) I am glad that an agreement was reached in the House of Representatives. The bill was signed by members of the current government, Minister of Health Vlastimil Vlek (TOP 09), Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jureka (KDU-SL) and Minister of Justice Pavel Blaek (ODS). Vichni was from Moravia.

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However, the idea also received the support of a member of parliament from the Czech Republic. Among the 79 signatures are the names of Danish MP Jaroslav Foldyna for the SPD, former Karlovy Vary governor Jana Mrakov Vildumetzov (ANO), Central Czech parliamentarian Petr Bendl of the ODS and Prague People’s Representative Tom Filip.

Remember Havel

But then again Bud. Member of Parliament Radek Vondrek believes that the proposal will not offend anyone and that the policy will be settled at least at this point. SV Otreb Pesto u Nale. Martin Netolic, the state governor of the water-damaged Partubis region that marked the border of the state of the first experience, came to me.

When we did it with us, I took it as a reminder of the historical context, and I didn’t want to develop nationalistic tendencies, K. According to him, precautions were taken very elaborately. You write like that.

Zemsk subspodn

The Zemsk uspodn was discontinued on January 1, 1949, and the regional uspodn was formed. Historical land boundaries were separated from the boundaries of present regions. For example, the territorial boundary between Echo and Moravia is the Visoi area.

Now the signs marking the land border in the area must first have the inscription of the historical border of the Czech Republic on one side and the historical border of Moravia on the other. But the region wanted a compromise.

On either side of the signs is the historical border inscription of the Czech Republic and Moravia. And the governor explains: In 1990, President Havel went to the federal assembly and wanted to remove the word socialist from all names and change state symbols. Seemingly insignificant. As a result, the Peace of the Wolf was a precursor to the dissolution of the Confederacy. I think it’s good to point out some things, but I’m not sure that the good thoughts that his colleague Vondrek mentions lead to unity.

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