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A former employee of the SBU believes that military aid is already coming to Ukraine from the United States, but it cannot change the immediate front situation.

US military aid has already been sent to Ukraine and will arrive soon.

Military expert and former SBU employee Ivan Stupak reported this on air Radio NV.

According to him, “the caravans have already left.”

“We don't know (the US transfers to Ukraine – Ed.), but [це] In the process of movement. How will it affect (pre-ed.)? This week is fine because the weapons are going, they have to be stored somewhere, logistically transferred to different units, depending on the complexity of the situation or the geography… it goes. “Maybe, it will take several weeks, maybe till the end of May, I think the accumulation will happen,” predicted the expert.

He noted that Western military aid would already have an effect in the summer.

“Approximately May-June, we expect Czech bombs. Again, June-July – planes. Therefore, I believe that in June-July we will be able to confirm the advance of the Russians and completely stop them in their positions. At that time “, believes Stupak.

It is worth recalling that the New York Times wrote that the United States secretly sent a new set of long-range ATACMS to Ukraine, and Ukrainian forces have already used them to attack Russian military facilities in Crimea.

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